Sabrina Yue Wang

Yue (Sabrina) Wang

My research focuses on the theory and computation of ultra-low loss electron energy loss spectroscopy. More specifically, in modifying the current theoretical works to better account for the electron energy loss at wavevectors near the gamma point. This is experimentally probed via aloof beam EELS. I am also working on projects involving testing out newly implemented functional capabilities in the ab initio material property prediction software CASTEP.

I completed my Bachelor's and integrated Master's in theoretical physics at Imperial College London. My Bachelor's project was investigating plasma wakefields generated by laser pulses and my Master's project was the study of dusty plasma crystals under the influence of external magnetic and electric fields. In my free time I play badminton and ice hockey for the university teams. I am also an avid user of the 3D modelling software, Blender, which I teach on my Youtube channel (Blender Dilettante).

Rex Richards Building
South Parks Road
University of Oxford
United Kingdom

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