Zezhong Zhang

zezhong zhang portrait

Zezhong's main research interests are the quantitative scanning transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopy. Due to the strong electron-matter interaction, electron scattering embeds rich information at specific sites of materials, which includes crystal structures, chemical compositions and electronic states. He is dedicated to develop advanced techniques that combine different scattering signals for the quantification of multiple elements in complex systems.

Zezhong is currently an Antwerp-Oxford postdoc research fellow at the EMAT/Oxford research team. He received his PhD on phase transformations in metals and alloys at Monash University in 2018. During his PhD, he also received the Alexander Moodie Scholarship from Monash Centre of Electron Microscopy and Young Scholar Award from International Conference on Aluminium Alloys. He loves philosophy and hiking. 

30.15 Holder Building

16 Parks Road